If Life Was Like a Marathon–A May 9th Pastoral Letter

Dear Saints,

Today is the 9th of May. Can you believe it? It’s May already in 2023. And it’s 2023! I mean, who would have ever thunk it. Time just keeps rolling on, and along the way, every now and then, you might pause for a moment just to catch your breath and take an account of where you have been, where you are now, and where you’re heading. 

For example, did you know that today is the 129th day of the year? If life was like a long distance race, imagine the human life-span as a year-long-marathon, then on the 129th day of said race, you would have completed 35% of your life, with 65% yet to be finished. You would have 236 days left to run. Based on your current estimated pace, and how far you have actually come as of today, by now you could estimate and calculate just how much distance you will be able to cross in the remaining days.

Of course there would be rest stops, where you could also take water and nutrition, and whatever else you might need. Those “needs” would have to be included within your race strategy. What would your needs be for such a race? Would they include love? Family? Friendship? Marriage? Work? Education? Religion? God?

If life was like a year-long-marathon, how would you live during the remaining 236 days? Just some food for thought from Pastor Dean. 

This past Sabbath Thomaston heard the sermon which Griffin had previously heard, “What’s In a Name?,” based on Ephesians 3:14-15, where I preached that, “Jesus died to give you a name, a name that is uniquely your own, a name that reveals who you are, and yet, a name that proves your identity as a child of God.”

Both churches have also heard, “Have You Heard About Colosse?” based on Colossians 1:3-8, and together we saw how the Apostle Paul highlights the faith, the love and the hope of the Colossians, and their need to be rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ. I concluded with a call to a special kind of prayer as even the Colossians were taught to do.

This coming Sabbath if God is willing then Griffin will hear my next sermon (Thomaston the following week) which will be based on Colossians again, this time chapter 2:11-15, for those who would like to study the passage ahead of time. To hear any of these past sermons you can access them on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@dn1957rd

Grace & Peace, Pastor Dean

Published by Dean C. Read

I am a follower of Jesus Christ who seeks to make Him known to those who do not yet know Him, and to make Him better known to those who do. Thus, God has led me throughout my life of now over 6 decades. I have been married to and in love with the same woman for over 38 years and we have children and grandchildren whom I also love. That does not mean my family has not been through trials. We human beings certainly know how to test and even hurt those we love. But, God Himself also knows the challenges, the trials and even the fickleness of human love. Yet, Jesus has demonstrated that God's love is sure and secure, faithful to the very end. So, yes, I love because God is love. And, I seek to make the love of God known as it should be. I am a pastor, a preacher and a teacher of God's word, the Bible. Before I became a preacher, I was a public school teacher, and before that I worked at various jobs including, painting, construction, ambulance EMT, parts assembler, and even a paperboy back in the day. In school I played trumpet in the band, was a track and cross country runner, enjoyed most subjects including History, English and Science, and yet, after graduating from high school, I struggled to find my path. Perhaps you can identify? I did not graduate with my Bachelor's degree until I was 26 years old. And yet, from an early age I knew that God was a God of love, and that He had a plan for me, if I would just be open to His leading. God has brought me through many trials, and has always been there to pick me up when I had fallen or been discouraged. And now, I hope to write in such a way to attract others to this God of love. By the way, I also enjoy camping, reading and outdoor activities, especially strolls on the beach, or hiking a mountain trail. My favorite places on earth are Sequoia National Park because of the Giant Sequoia trees, Yosemite National Park, and the jewel of Georgia known as Jekyll Island. I could tell you more; but hopefully, as you read my posts you will learn more about the God whom I love.

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