Wonderful Worship vs. Wounded Building

Yesterday, the Griffin and Thomaston Seventh-Day Adventist churches came together for worship. Thomaston hosted.¬†Why did we worship together at Thomaston? Because the Griffin building got wounded sometime during the past week. The roof must have sprung some leaks… We only discovered the damage late Friday, which made the church building somewhat unsafe for worship theContinue reading “Wonderful Worship vs. Wounded Building”

In Hope… I led Worship from Home

Our Church service July 2, I led from home. We used Zoom because of COVID-19 cautions, Yes, I caught the bug this week, and my wife and a few others, but probably from different sources. Yet God is good. I had at first wanted to cancel the services, yet, God turned it around, and IContinue reading “In Hope… I led Worship from Home”