If Life Was Like a Marathon–A May 9th Pastoral Letter

Dear Saints, Today is the 9th of May. Can you believe it? It’s May already in 2023. And it’s 2023! I mean, who would have ever thunk it. Time just keeps rolling on, and along the way, every now and then, you might pause for a moment just to catch your breath and take anContinue reading “If Life Was Like a Marathon–A May 9th Pastoral Letter”

Have You Heard About Colosse?

Early Friday morning at the dawn of first light I heard a male cardinal with his whistle-like cheer. Cheer-cheer-cheer! He was singing good morning to God, and announcing his presence in the trees outside my window. I heard him, but I could not see him. But I knew he was there. And when I heard,Continue reading “Have You Heard About Colosse?”